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Terimage LLC and the Physics of Light


Hi! I'm Dave Terry. I'm a traveler and photojournalist presently located in Haiku, Hi.


Terimage means Tri Electronic Reflective Image. I started this Internet Production Company after many years as a photographer and motion picture cameraman and Producer. I'm nobody special but my company, Terimage LLC is something considerable.


The Terimage acronym was first coined in 1964 when I wrote a story about photography for my science class in Whittier, California. I had just moved there from NYC and being fourteen, I was certain I knew all I needed to know. As I stood in front of the class an aging science teacher told the class, "Mr. Terry appears to think he can just make up a word."


He went on for a while using this new kid to get a laugh. The class was loving it. He was on stage and finally had the attention of his class. He explained to my red face that light is not electronic, but moved by photons. These photons are actually a Quanta, or indivisable amount of energy of the electronic field of radiation. These photons are both waves and particles. It's energy. A wave of energy.

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Time moved on and so did I. My father let me use his camera as I was the family photographer. Studying the world which I composed in the frame of a Kodak Instamatic 500 camera, lead me on adventures unimaginable to most. I was only thirteen when I fell in love with looking through a viewfinder.


The word Terimage has outlived that grumpy old science teacher. It has grown from my study of light, life, quanta and your needs as a human. I learned about writing and was first published in the Darien News and Review in 1966. Using photoshop and html I've grown a business into a dynamic force in the development of internet production companies and services which proliferate knowledge and understanding of our present world which was unimagined in 1964.


Today, Terimage Internet Production Services Host two massive Servers, a HD Video Production company, a world renound photographer, a graphic arts production company, web designers, IT engineers and a huge group of happy people! (We're happy because we don't have to work in an office with each other!)


You can go back to the site now, unless you'd like to know more about:

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the nature and physics of light.


At this point, I'd like to tell you a bit about the Terimage LLC logo, which is represented by reflected light. This 'White' light is composed of Red, Green and Blue. At fifteen years old using my brand new drivers license, a blinking red light appeared orange as I cruised through it directly in front of a policemen. It was a caution light...the blinking orange light, I thought.  The policeman told me it was a blinking red light as he handed me my first ticket.  Later, the optometrist explained how, light green, or pale orange made me color blind.  Blind is not the right word for my vision.


I see the same colors as you, but in a different way. Red, green and blue all look red, green and blue to me. But when viewing a bright green light which is emitted from a source, like this it appears white. This handicap kept me out of the draft in 1968 and and lead me to study surfing and motion pictures while most of my friends either died, were maimed, or moved to Canada.  


Do you see all the colors in the light when you look at the sun?  As a photographer, my friends told me this was a problem. Now, I know itÕs an asset because I utilize what some consider to be a handicap. I'm very aware of color.


If you really want to know about photography, video and composition, like getting to know a friend, or God, you need to study your subject.  IÕve loved both God and light since before I could talk.  Both are the same in their ethereal mystery. God is light, reflecting what we do. God can be both good and bad in the same way that light can be both a wave and mass. It's a relative point of view. Both effect every moment of our life, but how often are we aware of them?  


ItÕs perspective which changes our illusion of what is real. Look in a mirror, is that you, or just the light reflecting your image? What do you think about this image? Have you ever stolen anything? I tried it once and got caught, thank God. Is it bad to steal, if you never get caught, or does God have an effect on your life? Is Karma real, or just like the illusion in the glass, a reflection of your reality?


For myself,  photography is the study of light and meditation(prayer) is the study of moments in this life. For now, we'll c onsider the physics of light and leave God to the moment of our death.  You might want to think about this, but for now, during this moment, here is a little reflection on the subject of Light.


The Physics of Light


Reflected Red, Green and Blue produce the illusion of white. Why?

ItÕs all about our vision and color.



What three colors make up white light?



What is color and how is it made in a computer screen?




The basics of Color.



White is not a color.



Color and Vision


Nobody really knows who invented the first glasses.


Wearing glasses or contact lenses sucks. But can you imagine what it was like before  they were used? Ben Franklin invented bi-focal glasses?



I suppose they were a product of the magnifying glass, or someone who first made glass and realized it could be used to magnify something.  That was a long time ago. Glass was first invented by the Sumerian Civilization around 3000 B.C. They prepared by mixing silica and sand in very hot forms. After cooling, what remained was glass. They also added various other chemicals to impart color to the glass.

Today, an optometrist is someone who tells people they're color blind, or does eye exams to see if they can sell them some corrective lenses, or contacts. Both of these words, optometrist and optician, are forms of the word optic.

Optics is the branch of physics that involves the study of light. People who are interested in optics study about how light is produced, how it is transmitted, how it is measured, how it is detected, it's speed and how it might be used to change our world. . They study the visible light spectrum, which is the rainbow of light that we can see from red to violet, and also ultraviolet and infrared light which we can't see. This light stuff is very interesting. You can never go faster than the speed of light, because this would destroy the time/space continuum. We might get into that when we study Einstein and his Theory of Relativity, but for now, itÕs nice to know we see because light illuminated our world. It would be really hard to go skiing, or surfing, or for a nice walk on a warm day in spring, if we didnÕt have light. As a matter of fact we wouldnÕt have a spring, waves or snow, without light. But have you ever seen light?


Light is both energy and mass.



 Light travels in waves, which are also called electromagnetic waves. Light waves can reflect, refract, and be absorbed. Light reflects when it bounces back off of an object. Light reflects off of a mirror. When light waves reflect, they bounce back from the surface at the same angle that they hit the surface, in the same way that a billiard ball spins about the edge of a pool table. Light refracts when it passes from one material to another and bends. If you put a pencil in a glass of water, you can see where it seems to bend at the surface of the water. Light is absorbed by most objects. A green object absorbs all of the colors except green; it reflects the green color so green is the color that we see.  But, you donÕt really see light. Like God, you only see itÕs effects when it is reflected in the mass of this world.


Of course you can see the sun and you can see the light of a LASER beam, but thatÕs only because it is imposing itÕs electromagnetic waves(mass) on either smoke, or the optic nerve. Like a wave in the sea, it simply moves through a medium.  And a wave on a pond is the result of a boy using his energy to lift a stone and throw it into the air and when it hits the water, his energy is dispersed outwardly as waves propagating. If the wind is blowing, itÕs energy will tug on the wave from the friction of itÕs mass moving over the water.  If it blows over the wave for several thousand miles, the energy of the wind will build the wave into a mass which can be ridden by the boy who threw the stone.


Here's a bit on  the relationship of  energy and mass.



In the end, we come to realize, it's all kind of essoteric. The main point here is Terimage LLC is a production company based on a Godly man planted firmly on this earth. We at Terimage LLC know about light, photography, Video production and how to serve within this new virtual world of the internet. We would like to serve you by giving our energy to helping your company grow massive waves blown into the homes of your clients, telling them all about your company and the people who might need you and your products.

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